Stress Free Ceremonies

Stress and distractions can mar a wedding, but Reverend Jo says there are steps that can be taken to ensure a stress-free wedding ceremony

A wedding officiant can help keep the drama down and focus on the needs of the bride and groom

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding ceremony. There’s the beautiful venue that sits under a sky of astonishing blue. Soft music plays as she walks down the aisle that’s carpeted with rose petals, all to the delight of the assembled guests. After the wedding vows, a sophisticated reception follows where friends and family exclaim their delight over the entertainment and the delicious fare offered. This is a grand dream, but the reality is that the special day is normally fraught with tension, stress, and headaches. However, there are steps that a bride and groom can take to ensure a stress-free wedding.

Over the years, the wedding ceremony seems to have taken on a life of its own. It seems that each ceremony is more elaborate, and way more expensive, than ceremonies performed just a few years ago. In 2012, there were over two million weddings in the United States, and the average cost was $28,427. (That number is paltry compared to the average price in Manhattan, which was a staggering $76,687.) In 2011, the average number of guests attending the wedding ceremony was 141. That’s a lot of invitations to mail out, not to mention chicken dinners.

The result of so having so many friends and family members, in addition to the ever more elaborate and expensive ceremonies, has led to the joyous occasion turning into one of frazzled nerves, unbearable tension, and family blowups that lead to grudges that are held for years. Yet this need not be the case. Far too often, the happy couple and their families forget that this special day is about two people coming together in love and starting their lifelong journey together.

The first thing that a couple can do to ensure a stress-free wedding is to get help. One such means of support is an officially licensed officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows. An officiant can help the couple sort through all the necessary planning for the ceremony. Their expertise can help guide the couple through the plethora of choices that seem to swirl around every wedding and help put them in their proper perspective. This helps take the burden off the shoulders of the couple and allowing them to focus their attention on where it should be, each other.

Some other important considerations for a stress-free wedding is to remember the reason why you’re getting married and to take care of yourself. You’re marrying your future spouse because you love them and want to begin a life together. Don’t ever forget that, so if they forget to pick up the dry cleaning before the rehearsal dinner, you can remember what’s truly important and not turn into one of those dreadful Bridezillas as seen on tv. Make sure that you each take the time to be together, have fun, and stay connected. Go out on a date, cuddle under the stars, and tune out the demands of your family who are obsessing over every little detail of the upcoming nuptials. To keep yourself on an even keel, continue your normal exercise routine and eat right. Exercise is proven to provide a boost to your emotional and psychological health. It also ensures that you don’t have to worry about fitting into your wedding gown or tuxedo.

One central tenet to remember for your wedding is that it’s about you, and not anybody else. This is where using a certified officiant comes into play, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows, who says, “My goal is to ensure that the bride and groom have the wedding of their dreams. Friends and family members may have their own opinions on what they want in the ceremony itself, but their desires pale in significance to what the couple want. That’s why I sit down with them and personally go over exactly what they wish for in the wedding ceremony.”

Whether you use a wedding planner or officiant, the goal is the same in that the wishes of the bride and groom are of the utmost importance. They can help ensure that the wedding planning stays on track and that it reflects the desires of the affianced couple. This ally can help ensure that the clash of wills from friends and family be kept to a minimum. It’s important to remind everyone that the entire purpose of the ceremony is to unite a man and woman in matrimony. It’s not about trying to mend family rifts. If there are family members that you think could be problematic, then don’t invite them. The focus of the wedding should only be upon you, nothing else.

Enlisting an ally provides the additional benefit of a great deal of expertise in proper planning. Again, this is where a wedding planner or an officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard, come into play. If you choose to marry in Las Vegas, Reverend Jo knows all the local vendors and caterers and can happily supply you with experienced reviews and help you decide on which ones best suit your needs as well as your budget. There’s nothing better than using someone with superb organizational skills to keep things on track as well as a tremendous amount of local knowledge to help you find the perfect venue and the right vendors to cater it.

Contrary to what’s seen on TV or in the movies, it is possible for a bride to have a stress-free wedding. The most important factor in doing so is getting help, and one such resource is a licensed wedding officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows. They can guide you through the planning process, help secure the most capable vendors, and find just the right venue. But the most important consideration is that they make sure that the wedding ceremony is done according to your wishes, and not anybody else’s. Don’t be afraid to lean on those resources to help take the strain off your own shoulders. You should also remember that the wedding ceremony is about you starting a new life together with your future spouse. Take time out to enjoy each other’s company and don’t get swallowed up by the myriad details of the ceremony itself. Ten years down the road, what does it matter what kind of flowers were used as centerpieces? The important thing is that you still wake up looking into the eyes of your beloved, and that’s what the wedding should always be about.







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