Over-The-Top Weddings

Reverend Jo says that over-the-top features can make for a wedding with lifelong memories

Having over-the-top wedding features can be tasteful and elegant

Every happy couple wants to have a memorable wedding ceremony to celebrate the beginning of their lifelong journey together. The nature of that ceremony will vary depending upon the bride, the groom, their families, and, of course, the budget for the ceremony itself. It’s estimated that there will be a total of 2.189 million marriages beginning in 2014, which means that couples will be spending quite a bit of money on their nuptials. The median cost for a wedding in 2012 was $18,086, and couples can find a lot of ways to creatively spend that amount. One piece of advice that many couples hear is to not go big or over-the-top. Those wedding ceremonies that do go big are usually considered vulgar and tacky. What bride and groom wants to labeled thus when they have their ceremony? However, the truth is that having over-the-top wedding features can actually be elegant, sophisticated, and quite tasteful.

The perception that over-the-top weddings are just enormous exercises in embarrassment comes from reality tv and magazines that show the most outlandish weddings and label them as standard examples. It has to be admitted that many couples go way over-the-top and their ceremonies become incredibly excessive and almost literally suffocate under their own pompous weight. This is where securing the services of an officially licensed officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows, is invaluable. There are many times when the happy couple become too embroiled in every minor detail of the ceremony and lose focus on the big picture. An officiant can help them keep focused and provide an outside opinion that they may not have considered.

Many over-the-top weddings featured in sensational news stories feature outlandish decorations and boorish behavior by the wedding guests. Going big doesn’t mean that you slap a thousand rhinestones on every available service or that you have to recreate the Palace of Versailles for the ceremony. There are plenty of ways to have over-the-top features or themes that reflect good taste and will leave the wedding guests gushing in admiration over the choices made. Having a certified officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows can help in this matter as they have extensive experience in helping organize weddings from the most intimate gathering to the most lavish ceremony. They know who to contact and which services will fit within the couple’s budget.

There are a number of ways that a couple can go over-the-top  in a tasteful manner when having their wedding. The most common is transforming the reception area into a magical wonderland. One popular idea is to change the indoor venue into an outdoor garden by bringing in a lot of plants and flowers to decorate the area. One Manhattan venue put up hedges along their walls to create an intimate space where the reception felt that it was its own little world. Another method of going over-the-top is to use unique centerpieces and decorations. A reception could have pillar centerpieces of cascading crystal to lend elegance to the surroundings. One famous wedding planner uses a floral and crystal chandelier tree to imbue the reception with tasteful ambience. Couples can also make their ceremonies over-the-top by having a themed wedding, such as using a steampunk motif or by having the entire wedding party dressed as Disney princes and princesses.

Small touches can also help a wedding go over-the-top as well. Creative couples can add small bits of costume jewelry and ribbons to wedding invitations. An enterprising couple handed out vintage napkins to all the ladies attending the ceremony to dab their tears of joy. The point is that choosing over-the-top features can help reflect the individual tastes of the couple. As Reverend Jo says, “Every wedding ceremony is as unique as the couple making their vows. Helping the couple find those larger than life fixtures or helping plan a themed ceremony that is truly over-the-top is one of the great joys of what I do. Not only can I help the couple realize their vision, but I can help them exercise restraint by offering another perspective.”

Just because a couple wants to go over-the-top with their wedding doesn’t mean that the entire affair has to be trashy or vulgar. There are plenty of tasteful methods and means to have an elegant ceremony that will dazzle the guests and ensure that your wedding will be fondly remembered for years to come. One way to ensure such a successful over-the-top wedding is to enlist the aid of an officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows in Las Vegas, who will work hard to make your dream a reality.




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