Fighting Wedding Costs by Using an Officiant

Reverend Jo cites that couples are putting off marriage due to the wedding costs, but the use of a wedding officiant can combat that issue.

Control the spiraling costs of a wedding with the help of a wedding officiant

A sad and disturbing trend has been taking root in America over the last few years. While couples are finding it easier to meet and fall in love through greater interaction through social media and other means, the fact remains that many loving couples are putting off getting married due to the spiraling costs of a lavish wedding. Every woman dreams of a perfect dream wedding, and Hollywood movies and TV shows have reinforced this belief that a bride’s special day has to be a big-ticket affair. As such, many couples are deciding to forgo marriage due the belief that they cannot afford a wedding service that does proper justice to their love and devotion for one another.

This wedding hesitation due to the cost involved is understandable. In 2012, the average cost of a wedding was $28,427 according to a survey of 17,5000 couples. The costs for weddings can vary wildly from one region of America to another. A wedding in Manhattan is the most expensive, with an average cost of $76,687, while Alaska has the very low cost of only $15,504. Due to expectations raised by popular entertainment, people now expect a wedding to have a full range of items, ranging from a reception bar, DJ, gifts, wedding photographer and videographer, planning consultants, and much, much more. The average cost of a wedding dress and accessories is now $1,316. In fact, one of the cheapest wedding expenditures is the marriage license itself, costing a mere $70 on the average. In effect, the ceremony that is supposed to mark the beginning of a couple’s journey together has been overtaken by the celebration itself, and not what it truly represents.

This is where a certified licensed wedding officiant, such as Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows, can help get couples over this high cost hurdle. The most important aspect of the job of a wedding officiant is to remind the couple that the wedding ceremony is about them and their love for one another. Rev. Jo says, “My purpose is to make the wedding day about the couple and their special day, and not anything else. Whether you want a large wedding with all the trimmings or a simple ceremony with family, my only concern is that you have your ‘happily ever after wedding’ that enables you to start your lifelong journey together. Too many times, the stress of trying to create the perfect wedding detracts from the joy that the occasion should entail.”

Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows explains that the use of a qualified wedding officiant can help reduce the cost of a wedding, not to mention the stress involved. Rev. Jo explains that Southwest Vows is your one stop location for planning and carrying out your wedding. Being a long time resident of Las Vegas, she has an intimate knowledge with all the local vendors, and she can help you plan a stress-free wedding to fit any budget. In fact, her most basic service of conducting the ceremony is only around $250.

Marriage should be about love, commitment, and devotion, and a wedding should be the celebration of the beginning of such a journey. Couples can quickly get overwhelmed by all the expected trappings of a wedding, but a certified wedding officiant like Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows can help the couple keep track of what’s truly important at this crucial time: them. There’s a reason why she was named the Best New Celebrant/Officiant Worldwide in 2013 by Wedding Industry Experts. She’ll sit down and fully discuss with the happy couple exactly what they’re looking for and will work tirelessly to deliver it. In the end, whether or not the gown was designer made or if the hottest DJ played the reception pales in comparison to the vows made between two people on that special day.



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