Commitment Ceremonies

There are times when a couple wishes to formally pledge their love and devotion to each other but not go through the legal ramifications of marriage. Such an event is a commitment ceremony, and RevJo has presided over many such happy occasions over the years. A commitment ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as the couple wishes. It can take the form of anything from a small gathering on a beach to a full-blown event with all the trappings of a normal wedding, such as hundreds of guests, a beautiful wedding gown, elaborate reception, and even being held in a church, but without the need for a marriage license as the couple will not be legally wed.

RevJo can provide any level of support that the couple desires for their commitment ceremony. She could simply officiate the ceremony, or she could also be responsible for catering, flowers, venue, limos, photographers, and other such important details. The theme and scale of the commitment ceremony is entirely up to the discretion of the happy couple.