Paperwork & Filing Only

If you’re just looking for help in filling out the paperwork necessary for marriage and filing it, then Southwest Vows is proud to help. RevJo has assisted numerous couples in getting all the legal documentation taken care of and registered by the state. She fully understands that a couple may have a specific person in mind, such as a family friend or their church’s priest, to handle the nuptials of the happy occasion. RevJo is just happy that she can help make the entire situation easier for the couple by handling all the paperwork needed.

RevJo has years of experience in taking care of the documentation for a marriage license. Such experience is doubly helpful as it is not uncommon for some mistakes to be made when filling out legal forms as the couple is focused on the countless details associated with the upcoming wedding, such as who to invite, where to seat friends and family members to ensure no commotions break out, and thoughts of the impending honeymoon. Call RevJo today and let her handle all the bureaucratic forms, thus giving you some peace of mind.

¬†Here’s a link to the Clark County Courthouse.