Traditional & Non-Traditional Weddings

Reverend Jo Howard of Southwest Vows has officiated over many traditional and non-traditional weddings. She will gladly listen to what type of ceremony that the couple wants for their joyous day and work hard to create and deliver it. RevJo loves officiating weddings where celebrated traditions are followed. Seeing a bride march down the aisle of a church to the playing of string quartet while friends and family watch is a joy remembered for a lifetime. The traditional trappings of best man, flower girls, maids of honor, the father giving his daughter’s hand in marriage, the exchange of rings, and the reception all work to remind people of the importance of the institution of marriage in our culture and history. Plus, many brides have dreamed for most of their lives of their perfect wedding day.

However, RevJo is also just as happy to officiate a non-traditional wedding. The options for such a ceremony are practically limitless. Perhaps the couple wish to celebrate their Native American heritage by incorporating such cultural elements into their ceremony. The couple may choose a non-religious ceremony or eschew traditional features like exchanging rings or having the father give the bride away. Perhaps a same-sex couple met over their mutual love for Lord of the Rings and want to have a fantasy-themed wedding. Whatever shape and form the couple wants for their wedding ceremony, Southwest Vows will deliver.

As always, RevJo is happy to do as much, or as little, as the couple requires of her for the ceremony. Whether she’s responsible for all the details, such as the venue, catering, and entertainment, or just officiating the ceremony itself, she’s just pleased that she’s helping a couple begin their married journey together.