Vow Renewals

Nothing beats a happy marriage, and many couples look to celebrate their ongoing love by renewing their vows. Of course, Southwest Vows knows that undertaking a vow renewal ceremony is easier than the original wedding in one regard as no paperwork needs to be filled out! RevJo adores officiating at vow renewals as it so uplifting to see a couple re-affirm their love and commitment to each other. Seeing a love that has matured or deepened over the years is always humbling and joyous to witness.

RevJo is happy to create the vow renewal ceremony that her clients desire. The ceremony can be as simple as just the couple renewing their vows to each other or it can be as elaborate as a full wedding. The most important thing is that the couple celebrates their continuing commitment in the manner that they choose. Many couples who had a simple wedding due to financial constraints or other issues choose to have the full-blown event they were initially unable to do when they renew their vows. Of course, a vow renewal ceremony is not a second wedding, but it is meant to be a fun event where friends and family can celebrate a couple’s enduring love for one another.

RevJo can provide whatever level of support is needed for the ceremony. If the couple just want her to officiate, then that’s fine. If they want her to handle all the details, like catering, venue, photographers, and flowers, then she’s thrilled to do so. The best part of renewing vows for a couple is that there’s no pre-wedding jitters to worry about!